Happy anniversary, Tom and Mary–wherever you are!

May 2, 1952 — the day Thomas Joseph O’Hara and Mary Anne O’Keefe tied the knot in Washington, D.C.

Their union lasted for three and half decades, and produced eight kids in 11 years. My mom’s best quote about those years? “The ‘60s are a blur, and it’s not because of drugs. It’s because of kids.”

I love that quote.

I also love something my dad said a few years before he died in April of 1986 at the age of 65.

I’d asked him what his favorite time of life had been, this self-made man, son of Irish immigrants in New York City whose brilliance and hard work landed him first in his class in law school and eventually into a corporate leadership position at Lockheed. This World War II Air Corps navigator who lived through many air strikes throughout Europe and garnered an array of medals for his valor.

I asked him that day: “Dad, what was your favorite time of your life?” He paused for a few moments, took a sip off his scotch, smiled and replied: “When all you kids were little.”

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