Countdown to college

Here we are–early September. In just two weeks, our daughter will be moving into her dorm at Seattle U.

At the orientation this past July, I chatted with other mothers. The two I ended up hanging with that day were both from California.  (No coincidence. Lots of incoming freshman are from California.)

One of the the mothers focused on a few key topics: The terrible weather–“My daughter is not going to like all this rain,” “How do women manage to maintain their hairdos in this terrible weather?” , and “This is going to be so hard! I can’t believe my baby is going off to college!”

She eventually asked me about how I was doing with it all. I said I was ecstatic. Prior to that, I had also described myself as a “recovering Catholic”–and I don’t think she was amused. When she discovered that I lived in Seattle, that explained it all for her. “Oh, well–of course. You’ll see her all the time!”

As the long day wrapped up, I thought about her reaction and how I really feel about Gabriella moving out and moving on. Yes, if she was going somewhere far away, I would probably feel a bit differently. But not that differently.

Here and now, I remain ecstatic and immensely proud. It’s a momentous occasion, and she is going to thrive.

Go, Bree!

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