Ellen’s playlist p.s.

e and me 2013

It’s been six months now.

I’m getting more used to talking about her in the past tense.

I’m getting used to saying I now have five brothers and one sister.

I’m getting used to stopping myself as a pick up the phone to text or call her.

I’m getting used to living with the fact that my older sister, Ellen Marguerite O’Hara, is dead.

Her birthday is coming up—October 10th. She would have been 57. Would have been.

It was a late evening  this past April, about a month after she’d died. I had wandered up to bed; my younger sister, Regan, was still downstairs watching TV.

As I dozed off, I heard in the distance a series of loud thumps. Probably a few boxes falling, I thought.

Several moments passed, and then the door to the room opened. Regan, my younger sister, limped in, sobbing hysterically. She collapsed onto the bed, crying out: “I think I broke my f-ing ankle! I can’t believe this. I fell down the stairs!”

I helped her hobble to her bed, and sat down beside her. She was in tremendous pain, and it seemed to be escalating. “We’re going to the hospital,” I decided.

15 minutes later, there we were — in the emergency room of Spokane’s Sacred Heart Hospital. There we were, in the very ER where Regan had rushed Ellen just the month before. There we were, in the very building where Ellen had died after five horrendous days.

Regan was lying on a cot in an exam room, ice on her ankle, awaiting the results of the x-ray. We’d both calmed down, and were quietly commiserating over the fall. In a moment of sentimentality, she had scooped up JoJo, Ellen’s infinitely annoying little white dog. “That f-ing dog! Why did I decide to carry that f-ing dog!” We looked at each other and chuckled quietly.

A few seconds later, we heard sounds. Music, coming from somewhere in the exam room.  We both fell silent and listened intently. The music was coming from my purse, which I’d stashed in the corner of the room.

I reached over and fished inside for my phone. It had turned on by itself — without the required 4-digit security code — and my Pandora app had begun playing.

It was a song I’d never heard before — “Black & Blue” by Miike Snow. We looked at each other, eyes wide. Next up was “Take a Walk” by Passion Pit, followed by “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan and Sarah.

We laughed, then cried — and knew without any possible doubt that our big sister was most assuredly still around.

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8 thoughts on “Ellen’s playlist p.s.

  1. Pamela Leptich says:

    Love this Marcy. Love it.

    It’s about death, loss, serendipity, trouble from the blue, transcendence, message from beyond … and music. Holy music, that’s a wrap, not a full wrap given all the things we don’t know. But spiritual and hopeful that we can all be together again.

    Retire on 12/31/14, can’t wait to blog. Love you Marcy and so sorry about Regan.


    Pamela Leptich

    3032 47th Ave SW, Seattle WA 98116 | pleptich@comcast.net

  2. marcyoh says:

    Thanks, Pame-la-la! Your wonderful comments truly mean the world to me. (Looking forward to reading your future posts.)

  3. Scout says:

    I loved this. I love that Ellen is still calling the shots, she always will with you two, her funny musical recrimination for picking up JoJo, laughing at Regan for being sentimental about her annoying dog. And just reminding you both she will ALWAYS be your big sister, no matter what. (Funny, my tough guy lawyer Dad’s birthday is also October 10 – I hope they celebrate together by debating.)

  4. Lorena Childress says:

    It is still so hard to believe she is gone (well, not really — clearly!!!). You spoke of her so often, it seems so weird. You will always have TWO sisters, dear one. xoxo

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