My minimalist “spice girl”


I loved the show “Bewitched” as a kid–and especially envied the instant room transformations Samantha managed to achieve with one twitch of her nose. Perhaps that magical power impressed me the most because the house I grew up was eternally messy.

The residence at 4571 Encino Avenue was a sprawling rambler in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. Graceful old oak trees provided a glorious canopy; shelter from the blazingly hot summer sun. It was home to eight kids, two parents and an ever-changing menagerie of pets.

It was also usually a mess. I remember being amazed at the homes of some of my friends and neighbors–clean, pristine, everything in its place.

I was reminded of Samantha the other day. I’d returned home after a day of work, and wandered into the kitchen to make a snack. I opened a cabinet to get some salt, fully expecting to have to sift through an unorganized mish mash of random spices.

I stared in amazement for several beats. Spices jars were neatly lined up in perfect rows, carefully arranged on a shelf that allowed for maximum visibility.

Then Bree emerged from her room, beaming. “Do you like it, Mom?”

Things are looking up in here in “Bree’s Company.” (Who needs Samantha when you have the help of two minimalist millennials?)

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2 thoughts on “My minimalist “spice girl”

  1. I want one of those magicians at my house!

  2. marcyoh says:

    Even better? They’re both interesting and entertaining. (Thanks for reading my post.)

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